Website Design

“Just get a website”. Isn’t that what everyone says (as though it is the easiest thing in the world)? If it’s so easy, why do nearly half of all businesses in Australia still not have a website?

At Studio Owl we understand it isn’t a case of just getting a website. As a small business owner you will need to:
buy your web address
locate a hosting service
ensure you design is responsive
create the content for your website
treat any images so they are web-ready
create basic animations or movement
consider whether you will use social media
and, when it is all up and running, you will still need to maintain your website.

If you are overwhelmed by the idea of a website, if you aren’t sure where to start or if you have already made a start on a website and just can’t get over the finish line, please feel free to call for an obligation-free discussion.