While most small businesses want to maintain their website, realistically this rarely happens.

Most small business owners lack the time needed to maintain their site. Some small business owners simply don’t want to learn the skills needed for web maintenance. Other business owners may have the time and skills but simply don’t have the inclination to maintain their website.

At Studio Owl we understand that as a small business owner this is simply not one of your core earning activities. That’s why we provide an affordable maintenance service for our clients.

Website maintenance is not something you should do on a daily basis. Many people think of their website like a Facebook feed. However, this is not the purpose of a website. A website should contain relatively static information about your business (except, of course, for an online shop).

If you want customers to engage with you on a regular and ongoing basis, you need to consider a blog (Facebook is a blog) or some other type of social media. A blog allows you to continually update customers and provide a running commentary.